State Staff

Building a better world, one council at a time

Meet The Staff

Executive Secretary

Thomas Sullivan, FDD

The Executive Secretary assists the State Deputy and State Council in various administrative task throughout the fraternal year. Such as maintaining distributions list to distribution of materials on programs and membership; as well as registration for a number of State Council meetings and events.

Program Director

Ted Pacanowski, FDD

The Program Director has duel roles -- one is the oversight of the various State Council programs and activities throughout the jurisdiction under the area of Faith, Community, Family, Life and Youth and the other is to promote the expansion of programs in our councils that support community initiatives in the areas of Faith, Community, Family, Life, and Youth.

Membership Director

Joseph C. Rahtelli

The Membership Director is responsible for the growth of membership in Connecticut. This includes working with district deputies and local councils in establishing active membership growth opportunities , organizing 1st Degrees on a regular basis, and working to maintain the membership of the Order. He is also responsible for overseeing the development of new councils as well as the reactivation of dormant councils.