Awards & Recognition

Annually the State Council recognizes councils that conduct outstanding programs in the area of Church, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family and Youth. Councils are encouraged to submit programs and events for consideration. Councils that are recognized at the State Convention will be forwarded to the Supreme Council for consideration in the International Service Program Awards.

Programs Awards

  • » Outstanding Church Award

    Consider programs or activities that promote and foster stronger ties between your council and it parish community. Look at the initiative that accomplished the greatest involvement fro you Church or the parish community at large.
  • » Outstanding Community Award

    Review your programs that support initiatives within the community ff your council, and consider which one had the biggest impact.
  • » Outstanding Council Award

    Strengthen the bond of fraternity is critical for a successful council. Review the programs and events that your council conducted over the past year that help bring members and their families together for social or fellowship.
  • » Outstanding Culture of Life Award

    Protecting and defending life at all stages is one of the key pillars of the Knights of Columbus. Review your councils programs to determine which one activity would be considered your best Culture of Life program.
  • » Outstanding Youth Award

    As Knights we are committed to providing young people the opportunity to become personally involved in meeting the challenges of our times. Consider what youth program your council has conducted to fulfill this commitment.
  • » Outstanding Family Award

    Strengthening family life is important to the Knights of Columbus - whether coordinating activities that bring our families together, or coordinating events that promote that aid and promote a healthy family structure in today's society. Review your council's programs to determine which activity best promoted the need for strong family life.