Programming Life

Respect for the dignity of life demands a commitment to human rights across a broad spectrum. Both as Knights of Columbus and as followers of Christ, “Catholics must be committed to the defense of life in all its stages and in every condition.” (St. John Paul II, 1995).

The Knights of Columbus defends the dignity of each human being at every stage of life, including the persecuted and socially marginalized. Your council should stand ready to assist any pregnant woman in need, care for the elderly, aid the handicapped, empower those with special needs to realize their full potential, and bring attention to the injustices of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, assisted suicide and to worldwide persecuted Christians.

Please contact each State LIFE Activity Chairman (see state staff webpage) about your questions, suggestions, and sponsored events.

There are Three FEATURED LIFE priority programs each counting for two credits toward the Columbian Award (Form SP7). These programs have specific requirements to qualify as Featured Programs. Councils may use them in a lesser role whereas they would count as a single credit towards the Columbian Award.

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  • » March for Life (Featured)

    Contact Diocesan LIFE Liaisons to support bus trips to the national march in Washington, D.C., scheduled for Jan. 18, 2019. Councils will receive credit for this program by coordinating at least 50 participants to attend the March in Washington, DC, or who organize a local march for life.
  • » Special Olympics (Featured)

    SOCT celebrated 50 years of competition in 2018. Support KofC Olympictown is needed as much now as ever before. A detailed flyer with Olympictown timeline with tasks (June 7-9, 2019) will be posted on the state website this Spring. Councils are encouraged to sponsor athletes, fund or volunteer for events in their local community, especially with Columbiette chapters.

    Councils will receive credit for this program by providing at least $2,000 in donations or 200 service hours in a fraternal year to Special Olympics.

  • » Ultrasound (Featured)

    Supreme applications are available to purchase ultrasound machines for qualifying pregnancy centers. The Knights work together on matching funds with the Supreme Council’s Culture of Life Fund and local councils. Councils will receive credit after raising 50% of the significant cost which the Supreme Council will provide the other 50% to complete funding for purchase of an Ultrasound equipment.
  • » Annual Pro-Life Mass

    The State Council will sponsor the annual Pro-Life Mass and Baby Shower reception during the weekend of the MARCH FOR LIFE (Jan. 20, 2019 10:00 AM at St. Mary Church in New Haven). Please bring your council check payable to the State Council or baby items for immediate distribution to the needy centers in each Diocese. Throughout the state. [Pro Life Mass Info]

  • » Pregnancy Center Support

    Councils can adopt or provide material, financial, or labor under the new Pregnancy Center Support activity to assist pro-life centers that help pregnant women during pregnancy and following the birth of their newborn children. Consider donating to the maintenance of the existing GOMOBILE ULTRASOUND VAN that costs $300 a day for every outing in multiple state-wide towns.
  • » Novena for Life

    Now more than ever is the time to show our Pro-Life unity and strength in the United States. To commemorate and bolster this important cause, councils will promote a Novena, nine days of sustained prayer, to build up a culture of life in our parishes, homes and wider community. This program expands the former Day of the Unborn devotions and vigils. There are many opportunities to bring Knights and their families together in both public and private acts of prayer to promote the protection of life. Work with your pastor, obtain his recommendations on conducting a Novena for Life. Consider using the novenas from the USCCB for the 9 DAYS FOR LIFE NOVENA.
  • » Annual Mass for People with Special Needs

    Information will be announced this Spring to celebrate a new Supreme Mass for Special Needs People.
  • » Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose Program

    Connecticut is the last jurisdiction on Silver Rose Route 6 from Canada, through New York, and New England. The RI State Officers transferred it to the State Officers for the sixth year, at St. Mary’s, Coventry on Oct. 28, 2018. In the last six years, Our Lady has brought the Silver Rose to 265 daily venues, with attendance of 27625 participants across 4850 miles in CT alone.

    Request the Silver Rose from your District Deputy by July to visit your venue for 2019.

  • » Christian Refugee Relief

    Knights of Columbus are called to bring awareness and support to those who have suffered for their faith through various parish-based programs and fundraisers. The Knights of Columbus has provided extensive KOFC humanitarian assistance, primarily in Iraq, Syria, and the surrounding region for years through the Christian Refugee Relief Fund.

    Councils will aid this cause by collaborating with their parishes to spread awareness and raise funds to help these Christians and those in their care. In particular, councils are encouraged to offer for Solidarity Crosses from Jerusalem as a fundraiser campaign with the associated prayer cards in their parishes. Consider sponsoring this activity during Lent with an available Powerpoint or host in conjunction with the Supreme devotion to the Marian icon to Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians.

    Contact the State Chairman for support suggestions from his spiritual Maronite parish in Waterbury.