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Star Awards

Star Awards recognize outstanding achievement in membership, insurance, programming, and overall operations. Earning a Star Award is the marker of a high preforming Knights of Columbus unit and the goal to which every council, district, and assembly should strive. Star Council, Star District and Star Assembly Awards can be earned by completing criteria designed specifically for each division of the Knights of Columbus.

Star Council Award :

The Star Council Award recognizes outstanding achievement in membership, insurance and programming. In order to achieve the Star Council Award, a council must earn the Father McGivney, Founder’s, and Columbian Awards. Additionally, the council must submit both the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and Service Program Personnel Report (#365). In the United States and Canada councils must also be fully compliant with applicable safe environment requirements.

Prior to the end of the fraternal year on June 30, make sure that your council achieves the requirements to qualify for your awards. To view your quota and/or progress towards earning the Star Council Award, please log on to Officers Online regularly.

Columbian Award:

This award recognizes excellence in your council’s programming and charitable outreach. To earn this award your council must conduct and report programs in each of the four program categories (Faith, Family, Community, and Life) for a total of 16 program credits, with four in each category. A completed Columbian Award Application (#SP-7) must be received by the Supreme Council office by June 30 in order to earn this award.

The Supreme Council has designated four programs as featured programs in each of the program categories. When your council conducts a featured program and satisfies the associated requirements it will receive two credits towards that program category on their Columbian Award Application (#SP-7). The featured programs for each category are listed below.

Faith- Refund Support Vocation Program (RSVP), Holy Hour, Spiritual Reflection, Into the Breach
Family- Food for Families, Family of the Month, Family Prayer Night, Family Fully Alive
Community- Coats for Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Global Wheelchair Mission, Leave No Neighbor Behind
Life- March for Life, Special Olympics, Ultrasound, Pregnancy Center Support

The required program aspect for the Columbian Award has been removed. For the 2020-2021 fraternal year, there are no required programs that must be conducted for a council to be eligible for the Columbian Award.

Father McGivney Award:

This award recognizes excellence in your council’s membership growth. To win this award your council must meet or exceed its yearly membership quota. The quota for 2020-2021 is 5% net increase in the council’s membership as of July 1, 2020 (minimum of three and maximum of twenty). There is no application that must be completed in order to earn the Father McGivney Award.

Councils that attain Star Council status and achieve 200 percent of their net gain goal will receive the Double Star Council Award. Councils that achieve 300 percent of their net gain goal will receive the Triple Star Council Award.

All membership transactions must be received, processed, recorded and released at the Supreme Council office by June 30.

Founders Award:

This award recognizes excellence in your council’s promotion of our top-rated insurance products. To win this award your council must host two approved Fraternal Benefit Seminars, in conjunction with your Field Agent. There is no application that must be completed in order to earn the Founder’s Award.


2020 – 2021 Fraternal Year

The Star District Award recognizes outstanding achievements in membership, insurance and overall excellence by the councils within the territory of a district deputy.

Membership Growth

The district reaches 70% of combined council membership quotas.

Insurance Growth

The Founders Award is earned by every council within the district.

Overall District Excellence

At least one council in the district earns the Star Council Award and the district deputy must submit two District Deputy Semiannual Reports (#944) for each council in your district. District Deputy Semiannual Reports (#944) are due on 12/31 and 6/30.