Welcome to Membership

New members are essential to the continued growth and well-being of your council and the Order. Offering a man membership in the Knights gives him the opportunity to experience the fraternal bond that Knights share, to improve his own life and his community, while growing closer to his family and faith.

Membership Incentives
It’s simple, in January through March, bring in new members (intake) that total 25% or more of your council’s fraternal year membership goal and get entered into a raffle with the chance to win 1 of 10 $100 prizes.

To learn more about the new Online Membership initiative Click here Please see our Join Page as well as our FAQ's.

Three Ways to Recruit a New Member:

1. Take a candidate to any of many first degrees in the state this month listed on www.ctstatecouncil.org/events.html

2. Have a candidate watch the first degree on a DVD. DVDs are available through supply.

3. Have a candidate become a member online through kofc.org/join. Make sure that during signup they specific your council number so it is known what council they want to join. Then have them attend/watch their first degree and he will count toward your goal.

Learn More

  • »Duties of a Proposer

    A proposer’s duties don’t end after the First Degree. He must take responsibility to see that the recruit is introduced to his fellow council members, and involved in council activities. Learn the role a proposer should take in the life of a new member. [More]
  • » Organize your Council’s Membership Blitz

    Councils are encouraged to start planning their Membership Recruitment Blitz for the first half of the fraternal year. A coordinated Membership Recruitment Blitz is an all-out effort to maximize your membership teams' efforts by canvassing an entire parish on one weekend! [More]
  • »Encourage Membership in the 4th Degree

    It is a known fact that members that join the 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus are less likely to be dropped from their council's roles. With this, encourage 3rd Degree members to consider taking the Patriotic Degree of the Order and joining the 4th Degree. Connecticut District conducts two Exemplifications a year, clear for more information.

Membership Events

  • Become a Member
    A planned scheduled for First Degrees assist a successful membership growth for any council. Councils are encouraged to schedule a First Degree on a regular basis – at least every other month; with at least one First Degree schedule in each district on a monthly basis. This ensures the availability for new members to be initiated into the Order quickly after being accepted by the council. Below is the schedule of First Degrees throughout the state. If your council has a schedule of First Degrees, contact the State Ceremonial Chairman to have your council’s schedule included on this list.

    [See Calendar]

    Email State Membership Director

  • Further Your Membership
    Councils wishing to host a 2nd & 3rd Degree should have their District Deputy send a formal request to the State Ceremonial Chairman. The request should include a couple of suggested dates, in case there is a State Council function scheduled for the preferred date.

    [See Calendar]

    [Guidlines for Hosting pdf]

    Email Ceremonial Chairman