District 22 John McNickle

The district deputy, having been nominated by the state deputy, is appointed and approved by the supreme knight, and is directly reportable to the state deputy for all activities within the district and fills the very important communication link between the state and Supreme councils and local councils. The district deputy serves at the discretion of the state deputy and his term expires on June 30 of each year.


  • 1. Expanding professional relationships with council officers through successful membership and programming activities

  • 2. Identification as a leader in the community

  • 3. The opportunity for leadership advancement in the Order

  • 4. Recognition for outstanding achievements through the Star District and New Council Development awards

District Deputies Role

    The district deputy is the representative of the supreme knight and the state deputy and is responsible for the supervision, growth, expansion, general care and well-being of the councils assigned to his district. (Section 62, “Charter, Constitution and Laws of the Order”). He is the key to the success of the Order.

    His responsibilities include ensuring that his councils follow the Order’s laws and rules, promoting effective membership recruitment and retention programs, identifying and developing new council locations, assisting councils in conducting relevant service programs, and monitoring the general financial and social health of the councils in his district.